About me

What a handsome fellow.

I’m deeply interested in open source development, particularly around software, Linux, Python programming, and the web. The freedom these all embody are empowering. Pretty much anything else tech-related will pique my interest; dev, operations, web, coding, debugging, security, ethical hacking and the list goes on. I’m a financial member of the Python Software Foundation.

Feel free to keep up with my latest CV/resumé online.

Check out my startup at Experimental Unicorns. We’re currently working on a number of exciting super-secret (or not-so-secret) projects!


I’m extremely passionate about many things, just don’t ask me what they are because there are just so many. In particular, I’m passionate about technology (see above), the environment and reducing human impact, finances responsibility, travel, photography, cooking (particularly Mexican food), fine Caribbean rums and in general, making the world a better and more sustainable place for generations to come.

I’m a member of Save the Rhino International, partially because of the great work that they do for such an important cause and also in memory of Douglas Adams.

In my spare time, I also enjoy rose gardening. Despite living in the wrong climate and a small townhouse, I have somewhere around 20 different rose plants. Beware the odd off-topic post or tweet about roses. Feel free to visit my rose garden; it’s open to the public.