Plone: Python Eggs And Development

Welcome to the new year! It’s the start of another journey around the sun and the beginning of work for me. Whilst I’m the only one actually working around here today, I thought I’d take the chance and update with some useful info:

Troublesome Python eggs

Now, much to my amazement, when you’re creating/compiling/whatever Python eggs for Plone you need to actually specify the files you want included in the build. I suppose it’s fair enough, but thought it might have actually done it for me. No such luck!

The SOURCES.txt file in the egg-info folder needs to be updated accordingly. A command like find ‘pwd` -name "*.*" will do the trick and list out the files in the directory (assuming you start from the root of the egg). If there’s extra stuff in the folder, you’ll probably need to weed out the extraneous files (.pyc, git, svn, etc) before building the egg with:

david@computer: python2.4 build
david@computer: python2.4 sdist bdist\_egg

which gets our lovely setuptools to build (scramble?) the egg and place the source and egg into the dist folder. Providing the SOURCES.txt file was correct, then you’ll have the right files included. If you don’t, you’ll be in for trouble when you try and include the egg under ZCML etc because the files just don’t come along for the ride.

Serve with sides of bacon and toast, place into your favourite PyPi (cheese shop) and include with your buildout config.

Further reading

If you’re really bored, check out for some good material on what Setuptools can do for you.

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