Plone: URL Encoding In A Script

So, for today’s problem, how can we get a URL (specifically the GET request arguments) suitably encoded? Easy, if we’re talking about a Python script that lives on the file system and can be used within Zope/Plone that way. But what about some sort of Python script that has to exist on the Plone site (specifically, creating a PloneFormGen (PFG) Custom Adapter)?

First thing I jumped to is urllib and urlecode: but no luck because you’re unauthorised to import the library in your script. Boo!

After much poking, and Googling for something that I thought should be simple, I found this:

from Products.PythonScripts.standard import url_quote_plus

Does exactly what it says and what it should, and no security issues. There’s also url_quote which produces %20 instead of +.

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