Buildout: Best Thing Ever?

Taking a little bit of a time-out, I just have to ask the question: is Buildout not the best thing ever? (and the people who are so very kind to make the recipes?)

It’s made my work of managing our Plone infrastructure about 1000 times simpler since moving from Instancemanager (ughhh) and having to manually manage everything. I remember being a bit sceptical and very confused the first time I saw a buildout configuration file and thought that I’d never understand the thing.

Far, far from it of course! Whilst a little daunting at first, buildout has (in some/all metaphorical senses) won my heart. It couldn’t be easier to use, contrary to my initial (dis)beliefs.

Today sees me convert our archaic design of manually managing our Varnish RPMs and setup and changing it to buildout instead. Looks like the geniuses (and there’s no sarcasm here!) have made it perfectly - it does exactly what I need it to and makes my job so much simpler.

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