Plone: Issues with products

Oh dear. Products in Plone that don’t care to uninstall themselves at all when removed. One such product that comes to mind is ZipFileTransport.

I could go into depth all day about its failure to uninstall, but in specific, it’s this line of code in its file that kills me:

sm.registerUtility(ZipFileTransportUtility('zipfiletransport'), IZipFileTransportUtility)

Now, where’s the unregisterUtility called? Nowhere, unfortunately. So when one tries to go and install/uninstall/reinstall/do certain things on the site, you get a nasty failure message about trying to unpickle a python object:

2009-04-23 10:19:19 ERROR Zope.SiteErrorLog http://localhost:8080/eresearch/portal_quickinstaller/uninstallProductsTraceback (innermost last):
Module ZPublisher.Publish, line 125, in publish
Module Zope2.App.startup, line 238, in commit
Module transaction._manager, line 96, in commit
Module transaction._transaction, line 395, in commit
Module transaction._transaction, line 495, in _commitResources
Module ZODB.Connection, line 510, in commit
Module ZODB.Connection, line 555, in _commit
Module ZODB.Connection, line 582, in _store_objects
Module ZODB.serialize, line 407, in serialize
Module ZODB.serialize, line 416, in _dump
PicklingError: Can't pickle: import of module Products.ZipFileTransport.utilities.interfaces failed


Okay, I found the unregisterUtility function in zope.component, and it can be accessed by something like this (ipython session, of course): (You’ll need at least the ZFT parts below present to import them).

from import setSite
from zope.component import getSiteManager
from Products.ZipFileTransport.utilities.interfaces import IZipFileTransportUtility
from Products.ZipFileTransport.utilities.utils import ZipFileTransportUtility
sm = getSiteManager()
sm.unregisterUtility(component=None, provided=IZipFileTransportUtility)

#Even though unregister happened, it probably said it worked but left crap around.
#Let's clean it up

#This intclass variable might not be right.  It's going to be the key present below,
#so you can always find the right InterfaceClass manually and set it accordingly.
intclass = IZipFileTransportUtility
del sm.utilities._adapters[0][intclass]
del sm.utilities._subscribers[0][intclass]

#From here, search for 'Zip' to see if it's gone
#Each should return -1.  If not, you've done something wrong!

And thus ends the tyranny of ZipFileTransport.

Edit: I should make it clear that to run the above commands you need to have a handle to your Plone site object, and be pre-set as the ‘portal’ variable. If you set up ipython like so: then that takes care of things automatically and gives you interactive handles to your portal and Zope app root. If you’re not using this, then figure out how to set ‘portal’ manually to be your Plone site object (not a string or name, but the actual object) and run the rest of the lines of code.

Also, I’m not sure whether you need to commit your changes or not. If you find the changes don’t stick, then try this in your ipython session:

import transaction
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