VLC Has Turned 1!

I may well be late to the party and a little late to celebrate, but I’ve just made the startling discovery that VLC 1.0.0 has now been released.

I’ve been using VLC since (before, actually) I thought there had to more to playing videos than needing extravagent codec packs like K-lite or anything similar to be installed on your system.  It’s been that long that the first version I used, if I remember correctly, wasn’t actually being specifically used for client-side file playback and was supposed to be geared towards video streaming over a network.  My memory may well be wrong on that one, so don’t quote me.

At any rate, VLC has matured in leaps and bounds across the versions, much to the credit of all the developers working on it.  And this version - above any others so far - is truly marvelous.  It’s not too often you see software that does everything you thought you needed - and things you didn’t.  I’ll space you the mumbo-jumbo here, but if you haven’t seen it already, the change log is here.

The features/updates I’d been waiting for were:

  • Fixing up DivX/XviD playback - and stopping me having to play/pause cycle a video to get it to play.
  • Global hotkeys - finally!  No more messing with GhostScript to get VLC to play if it’s not in focus
  • Remembering past files and the location in the Open File dialog
  • Frame-by-frame playback - for finding those random stills in videos
  • Compressed file playback - seems like RAR files playback (and apparently Zip too)
  • Live recording - slicing out bits of videos with a single click
  • DVB playback for TV - looks good, haven’t tested it yet though
  • Adjustable toolbars - yay!

The list goes on..but it ticks all the boxes.

Happy first birthday VLC; here’s to version 2 and onwards.

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