LDAP-Authenticated Server & Whoami Failures (etc)

I’m back again, after a bit of a unscheduled ‘break’ in my normal work life.  After a couple of days away for work on the Gold Coast, then the sad passing of my Grandfather and his memorial, then being sick over the last weekend from what I can only guess was a nasty 24-hour bug, I’m back.  And whilst a little worse for wear still today, it’s life pretty much as normal.

Today’s fun and games was on a server we use that uses LDAP authentication for its users.  Nothing special, except that today I started getting weird errors when logging in as my LDAP account, and the server booting me off with random error messages:

whoami: cannot find name for user ID 75966
-tcsh: ldap-nss.c:1312: do\_init: Assertion \`cfg->ldc\_uris[\_\_session.ls\_current\_uri] != ((void \*)0)' failed.


The simple solution was to check the permissions on /etc/ldap.conf (Centos) and sure enough, the permissions weren’t allowing normal users to read it (eg not 644).  Running this solves the problem:

chmod 644 /etc/ldap.conf

Cheers to the author @ http://www.ducea.com/2008/03/07/ldap-troubleshooting-i-have-no-name/ for the details.

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