Buildout: the biggest problems have the simplest answers…

..and how true that is.  Today’s time consumer is directly related to just 1 misplaced line of a buildout configuration (and presumably something that’s changed somewhere else).

The result

After much hunting and hunting, it turns out my Zope2 Fake Eggs weren’t being generated.

On my long quest I had to go through downloading new packages and trying to find something that had changed and even trying to establish new virtual environments on different VMs.  Nothing would fix the problem. To rub salt in the wound, my desktop Ubuntu ran the buildout fine, so methinks the underlying reason for the pain is something OS-related.

After many hours of debugging buildout output and trying to go through the packages that seemed to be the cause (poor things, they were merely bystanders, asking for dependencies), a few carefully-placed print messages in the plone.recipe.zope2install package helped.

The cause

Oh? what do you mean the install() function isn’t being run?”, I found myself saying after the print messages showed what was happening.  The fake eggs didn’t exist because the Zope2 recipe, whilst being initiated, hadn’t yet actually been run.

So, thanks to the ‘zope2’ entry in the parts section of my buildout being run after a whole lot of other sections, the other products never had a chance.  Result: lesson learned — put the zope2 section first, and order matters!

Oddly enough though, it’s never caused trouble before and obviously there’s a difference between Centos and Ubuntu.  Hmmm.

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