A little time out

Taking a little time out from the professional blogging, here’s a page out of my personal side of things.

Things have been very busy as of late and, as the previous sentance suggests, not just with work. Tomorrow’s the day when my and my partner’s house settlement takes place and after all the bumps along the way, we’ve finally gotten there. The bumps were sadly some very unprofessional dealings with my fiancier credit union (who will otherwise remain nameless), an inability of lawyers and conveyancers to add numbers together, and a whole lot of confusion. As I said, thankfully that’s all soon to be behind us now anyway. Then, we’ve just got to either kindly ask the tenants to move out or wait until their lease expires in Feburary 2010, and then we’re into the place. Here’s hoping it’s before Christmas, but we’re not holding our breath.

Been playing squash a whole lot more as of late and I’m currently paying the price for several over-stretched shots. Considering I’ve never been much of a sports person or really even been very active at all, I’ve been playing and developing reasonably well [or so I’m told]. Best thing is that I do enjoy the game and our local courts are air conditioned at the University (and cheap too). At any rate, I’m getting fitter (which is good/scary) and getting out of the house and away from technology for a bit.

And of course, back on the topic of technology, I’ve been introduced/coerced into the world of Left4Dead. Quite an enjoyable game, if one enjoys the notion of ending zombie after zombie. Whilst the storyline isn’t unique by any stretch of the imagination (infection wipes out world and turns people to zombies), the characters and their ‘personalities’ are very, very close to those from the BBC TV series Survivors which was on as of late. Whilst there were no zombies in Survivors, the idea is reasonably similar.

I think from all the many doses of post-apocalyptic drama and gameplay, if the world ever does come to an end as we know it, methinks I’ve got a good chance of making it. Here’s hoping anyway.

Back to normality on my next post since it’s back to work tomorrow. Hopefully going to polish off the projects I’m working on shortly and impress some people (including myself)…

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