Logged out users can’t bring up the Plone popup calendar

It’s another one of those ‘strange’ problems that has cropped up, but by default in Plone, users who aren’t authenticated aren’t actually able to bring up a pop-up calendar on a date field.

It’s amazing that I haven’t run into this issue before with something like PloneFormGen, where you’d think that a simple Date input field would be pretty common.  Although, I guess it’s the case that even though I’ve used these given forms, I’ve probably never taken much notice of the popup calendar icon and just selected a random date from the drop-down lists.  I suppose entering a random number on they keyboard and hitting tab across the fields 3 times is simpler than going for the mouse.  Who knows.

Anyway, the issue presents itself with an error in the Javascript on the page, with something like ‘plone.jscalendar not defined’, if my memory serves me correctly.  I believe that Firebug/Firefox didn’t show up an error for me (because I was logged in!) so make sure you test this on your site when you’re logged out, if you’ve got such fields.  Testing in IE revealed the problem since my IE versions in my VM can’t actually enter details into form fields, thus preventing me from actually logging in.


The solution was the only Google result at the time, and that was at: http://plone.org/products/ploneformgen/issues/232

Essentially, head into the portal_css and portal_javascripts areas in the ZMI and look search on the page for “calendar”.  You should find that the ‘condition’ on these resources isn’t right (eg only logged in users or “not: portal/portal_membership/isAnonymousUser” is set or isn’t correct at all).  Correct it accordingly to be blank (easiest way!) and save.  You may need to enable/reload/disable the debugging modes for the CSS and JS to see the change immediately.

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