Apache: Directories and trailing slashes

Apache does something interesting (yes, I still think it’s logical) when you’re accessing a directory that it’s serving: if you access it without a trailing slash, it’ll add one by default. This makes sense if you’re going after some static content or a folder index (or pretty much any sane usage) but it didn’t fit my use case of serving Plone using rewrite rules in a .htaccess file.

The issue that arises for myself with Plone is that my sites need to have their access customised through that .htaccess file and that’s been placed within a public_html directory thus:


Because this is a directory, Apache adds that trailing slash by default when accessing an aliased URL like:


because it’s actually pointing to /home/user/public_html/.

I wasn’t aware, but you can disable this functionality with just one line:

DirectorySlash Off

Pages like this don’t help since it’s outdated doco for Apache httpd; they are annoying since it’s what came up first in Google. It ended up being the latest version of that same doco page that solved it for me by chance.

As a side note, you apparently need Apache 2.0.51 or later to make this happen for you.

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