CSS: Internet Explorer and Self-Imposed Limitations (+ Plone)

Microsoft and IE are insane.  Yes, we all knew this, but here’s the proof:

IE won't accept more than 30 style sheets to be loaded via <style> tags within a single page.

Insanity?  Yes.  It’s made even worse by the fact they openly admit this lunacy!  See the relevant support article from MS as proof.

Good gosh.  I can just imagine the staff (managers, probably) from Microsoft thinking “30 style sheets?  Who needs more than 30 style sheets?  Just kill off anything after that and those sites that use that many can BURN.”

I mean, really, who does need 30 style sheets?  Never mind that a lot of CMSes (like Plone, or Drupal) have CSS debug modes that can be turned on in order — you guessed it — debug the styles.  Add this to the fact that IE gives two middle fingers to standards compliance and not only can you not have it understand your CSS correctly, but you can’t even debug it normally when IE screws up!  So, this solves the issue of my ploneCustom.css file wouldn’t load — it’s the last CSS import being brought in from portal_css in Plone.

This issue is admitted by them and has been around sinceInternet Explorer 4.  Yes, that’s right, back from when the dinosaurs roamed the earth and array indices only went to 30.  Get real IE developers and Microsoft.

And to anyone who’s reading this on IE:  get a real browser.

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