Building Cherokee RPMs on RHEL 6 (x86_64)

Cherokee is a fast web server and something I’m looking at using instead of my current Apache installs in order to squeeze a bit (lot) more juice out of my web services.

You can easily install Cherokee via its automated scripting and that’s really useful.  Unfortunately, since I’m within a RedHat environment, init scripts and other useful aspects that come packaged with Apache don’t get installed when installing from source. Now, there’s a lot of activity regarding installing the latest packages for Ubuntu, but not much of anything recent for RHEL (current Cherokee is 1.2.98 and latest RHEL packages are 1.2.1).  Since development of Cherokee appears to be moving very fast, having the most recent version is always a good choice for bug fixes and new features.

So, how about creating packages for RHEL 6?  The good news is that Fedora does have a git repo for the RPM spec and relevant scripts, and that repo has a branch for EL6.

That said, there’s no guarantee this branch will continue to work for future Cherokee or EL versions, so if there’s a problem running the following RPM build, then someone will have to fix whatever error takes place. That said, for now, on version 1.2.98 of Cherokee, things work, as far as I can tell for Cherokee (also, disclaimer: I’m not an RHEL/RPM expert). That said, here’s what I did:

yum install rpm-build spectool pam-devel gettext
git clone git:// -b el6
cp cherokee/\* \`rpm --eval '%{\_sourcedir}'\`
cd cherokee
sed -i -r "s/(Version:\\s+)[0-9\\.]+/\\1\`echo $cherokee\_version\`/g" cherokee.spec
spectool -g -R cherokee.spec
rpmbuild -ba cherokee.spec
cd \`rpm --eval '%{\_rpmdir}'\`
cd x86\_64
ls -lah
yum install cherokee-\*
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