Extracting a Buildout versions.cfg from a Zope instance script

Today, I needed to migrate some legacy Plone installs set up using Buildout. If I were to simply move the buildout files and re-run buildout, I’d end up with the latest versions of add-on products - and since I’m using legacy versions of Plone 3, that’d almost certainly break the system.  I do know about the Buildout extension buildout.dumppickedversions (which does what its name suggests and exports picked versions of eggs) but I can’t re-run buildout to get this extension for risk of updating existing products (what I’m trying to avoid!).

The good news is that with just one line of bash in Linux (and a bunch of helper commands :)), you can extract all your current egg versions from a Zope instance script (eg bin/instance), like so, running the command in your buildout directory:

cat bin/instance1 | grep eggs | sed -r 's#.*eggs/(.*)-py2.[0-9].*#\1#g' | sed -r 's#-# = #g' | sed -r 's#_#-#g' | grep -E ' = [0-9\.]' | xargs -0 echo -e "[versions]\n" | sed -r 's#^\s+##g' > versions.cfg; cat versions.cfg

Copy the versions.cfg to the new buildout location and make buildout extend off it.

Hopefully having buildout.dumppickedversions in place now should resolve doing this again if/when I’m migrating any of my new Plone installs. (Interesting to note my current dev install uses over 320 eggs).

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