Logitech G930 Headphones audio quality under Ubuntu

So I recently purchased a new set of Logitech G930 headphones and am currently using them with the latest version of Ubuntu, 11.10.  Set up was a breeze - just plug, check your PulseAudio config, and play.  For those of you, like me originally, who were wondering whether the G930 works on Linux, it certain does on Ubuntu.

Now, it wasn’t all peaches and cream because of two things.  Firstly, the audio output with the default configuration was completely lacking any depth and ‘substance’ to the sound being produced.  I’m not an audiophile and I have slight hearing problems, but the sound was entirely lacking anything in the form of bass, and overall, just very tinny and washed out.  Praying it’s not the headset itself, I went and obtained pulseaudio-equalizer from this PPA (and it comes with its GTK counterpart, pulseaudio-equalizer-gtk).  Running the latter of these two commands brings you up the interface, and I selected the ‘Laptop’ preset and enabled this.  I had to re-jig around a little with clicking the ‘EQ enabled’ checkbox and the ‘Apply Settings’ button whilst listening to music but this preset makes things 100% better. First hurdle solved.

The second issue was the constant static being introduced in my audio. Only when sound was being played mind you, not just when the headset was sitting turned on in silence, so this lead me to think it must (hopefully) be something I could configure and not an interference issue or something hardware related.  Thankfully, I was right.  Firing up pavucontrol, my much-preferred application over the default Ubuntu sound panel, I found the static was being introduced when my headphone output device was set at 100% volume (the Output Device, not anything else). The static is gone after I dropped the device output back (I’m using 33%). If I need more amplification, then I can simply use the Equalizer virtual output device to increase the volume (and/or amplify the applications behind the output).

Now, the headset works fantastically.

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