RSS Feed for OCZ Vertex 3 SSD firmware updates

Here’s a quick and dirty solution to me not being able to keep updated with OCZ firmware updates for my Vertex 3 SSD.  For whatever reason, OCZ doesn’t provide a news feed of firmware updates (that I know of, correct me if I’m wrong!) so I’ve sorted a screen scraping Yahoo Pipes pipe to do it for me:

This RSS feed will (or should) only ever feature just 1 item - the latest version information for the firmware.  So, it won’t handle keeping track of history, but if you (or I) add the feed to something like Google Reader, that will keep track of changes to the RSS feed for us/me.  So, when the target page on OCZ’s sitechanges its version information, the feed will update, and Google Reader knows automagically.

Yahoo Pipes and Google Reader strike again.

Oh and apparently this firmware isn’t just for the Vertex 3, but also for the OCZ Vertex 3, Vertex 3 Max IOPS, Agility 3, Solid 3, RevoDrive 3 and RevoDrive 3 X2, so anyone using those other drives should be good too.

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