Jenkins CI and GitHub post-receive hooks ceasing to work (+ potential solution)

All projects fail

Recently our Jenkins CI system began having issues with failing to correctly accept post-receive hook POST requests from GitHub, even though it was working fine. Without thorough testing, I can only really see that the issue was related to upgrading Jenkins and/or the relevant Git and GitHub plugins. Thankfully, with even newer versions of the above, it has started working again. So, to those with issues, I offer this KGS (Known Good Set) of versions for your help:

  • Jenkins 1.470
  • Jenkins GIT plugin 1.1.19
  • github-api 1.28
  • GitHub plugin 1.4

Some projects work

On a separate note, if you’re having trouble with just one of your Jenkins projects not accepting post-receive hooks when others are working fine, then check the your repository URL. I found that one of my projects had the URL:

which is notably missing the the “.git” from the end. Whilst Git accepts this as a valid URL for cloning a repo, the Jenkins integration doesn’t match the hooks when coming in. This one is worthwhile checking too if you’re just having issues with individual projects.


For both of the above issues, debugging can help a bit — follow instructions for adding a logger and examine the output. In my case for when some projects were working and some weren’t, the one that wasn’t working didn’t get ‘poked’ in the logs. If you don’t see this, but you do see the POST request coming into Jenkins, then check your project/job configuration.

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