New Blog, Goodbye Wordpress

Yes, I’m a little ashamed that I did used to run Wordpress as my blog and my website. Being a Python developer that I am, it’s not exactly good form, nor is it good for one’s sanity to have to keep updating something every few days with security updates. Maybe I’m giving PHP applications and Wordpress a hard time given their prevalence out in the wild, but the fact remains that it just wasn’t working for me. It might also have a little to do with the fact that my existing web host has decided to increase my costs by about 1000% per year (yes, that’s a 10-fold increase). Either way, I’ll pass on both.

New path

So, I decided a change of scenery was the way to go and since Pelican, a static blog generator was one of the most popular Python-based solutions, I thought it was a nice choice. After reading many, many articles about which static site generator to use (some articles listed 50+ options), it’s any wonder anyone can make any sort of informed decision. The reason behind mine is that popularity is a good thing - something that keeps bug fixes and features rolling in for time to come.

After a few days here and there over the last few months, I’ve been slowly improving Pelican to suit my requirements and it’s shaping up well. The good news for everyone else is that all my fixes have been merged into the main code base — including some Wordpress importer improvements and other fixes. So far, it’s doing everything I need it to, although there’s still some more things I’d like to investigate like:

  • Adding a custom CSS file as part of an existing theme. So far it seems 1 theme == 1 CSS file, but I could be wrong.
  • Clean up some CSS in the default theme. Some things just look plain off.
  • Extending existing themes or just being able to use a theme but override one or two bits (eg one template). I’m unsure if this can happen yet.

And now…

Welcome to my new site. Apologies for some of the really old and outdated content around. Some people still access those links so presumably someone’s getting some use out of it. During the import, it was funny to see how much things (and I) have changed in the last few years. So, sorry in advance for the lack of quality in post content from several years ago. Maybe it’ll prove fun to read in years to come for someone.


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