Ordering a Turris Omnia in Australia (2018 pricing)

The Turris Omnia is an amazing home router. Not only did it start from humble beginnings from a crowd-funding campaign but it’s open source, has a huge community and supported by CZ.nic, the association responsible for domain names the Czech Republic.

I won’t wax lyrical about the benefits of the device as you can discover that for yourself, but rather I’ll tell you how you can order one of these if you happen to live in a country where the the resellers don’t ship to. The devices are sold through Amazon.de and various other places and they’ll happily ship within Europe, but to outside, like me in Australia, I thought I was out of luck.

Turns out Discomp (https://www.discomp.cz), one of the distributors for the Turris Omnia will actually ship internationally. This digging took me a while but yes, it’s possible and they’ll sell you any of the following models:

  • Turris Omnia 1 GB No Wi-Fi - 209,00 USD
  • Turris Omnia 1 GB Wi-Fi - 259,00 USD
  • Turris Omnia 2 GB Wi-Fi - 299,00 USD

The items listed on their web shop have different pricing, presumably as they’re including VAT (or they gave me a good deal). In terms of other resellers like Amazon.de, you’re getting a good deal because their price of EUR309 is more like US$334 and even if you were to get a freight forwarder, you’d still be paying VAT.

Anyway, it isn’t cheap to ship from the Czech Republic to anywhere - I ended up paying USD$97 (AUD$126 at time of writing) but it’s via UPS Expedited. Shipping costs looked like:

  • UPS Express is 104,00 USD
  • UPS Expedited is 97,00 USD
  • EMS (Post) is 99,00 USD
  • Priority Post is 73,50 USD (long transport time, w/0 insurance)

Since you don’t pay VAT on the router itself, this killer postage cost almost balances out. Compared with other routers I was considering, this total cost of around AUD$490 with shipping, isn’t that bad.

To order, email info@discomp.cz and give them your address to confirm shipping costs as well as which model you want to order. Then, they’ll send you back confirmation of what you’re ordering and your address and then finally you can pay via credit card to seal the deal.

Then, wait for your new router to arrive. That’s it.

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