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Nginx with Shibboleth (FastCGI authorizer) support updated to 1.6


This was discussed in a previous post. Various changes have happened since then, improving the customisation process and updating for newer versions of Nginx and associated add-on modules.

I’ve updated the custom version of Nginx that supports operating with a Shibboleth SP to version 1.6.0, now that this version has become the lastest stable version.

The build scripts located at have been updated, along with the patches required to make the Shibboleth integration happen due to the changes in the Auth Request Module now being built into Nginx since version 1 ...

SCP/Rsync transfers stall at exactly 2112 kB

In case your SCP, Rsync, or other sort of file transfer works for a short period and then suddenly stalls (permanently), then you may want to examine the MTU configuration on your network interface. After trawling the web for hours, attempting to find a solution to why an SCP transfer of one file stalls between server A and B, whilst the exact same file transfers fine from C to B, the answer finally ended up being the MTU configuration.

Curiously, the SCP transfers stall at exactly 2112 kB, which was thankfully my saving grace when I was searching. I’d ...

Gmail avatar/photo always reverts after being changed

Got an unsightly image associated with your Gmail messages, your Google Groups posts, Google Drive activity or somewhere else obscure within Google’s domain? Tried changing that image several times and it won’t budge - or it does and reverts itself right back? Your main Google+ avatar just doesn’t want to sync up with other Google services? Sure, I hear you - you’re not alone. Your issue is probably intermittent too - you change the image on Gmail and your old image comes bounding back, possibly several days later.

It’s an annoying issue and I feel for you. So ...

uWSGI and Database Lockups with SQLAlchemy

If you’re running a Python-based web application and using SQLAlchemy as your database integration layer (as an ORM or otherwise), you may also be using uWSGI to act as the application container.

If you try and fire up multiple processes to handle greater load coming in with the uWSGI option --processes (or -p, --workers; or uWSGI’s various configuration mechanisms), then you’ll probably find that after a short time, your web application will lock up and refuse to serve requests. For me, this was between 1 and 10 requests with using the cx_Oracle database adapter against an Oracle ...

Unlocking your Telstra Elite (ZTE MF60) Mobile Wi-fi Device for Free

Ha, that’s a dodgy-sounding title if I ever heard one. If you’re reading this, then I’ll assure you that these instructions are real, open, and free, and that I’ve used them to unlock my device. Read on…

Update: I should mention that hexecute’s site at now mentions his patch can unlock as well. I haven’t tried that, but from memory, the Windows drivers that are available on that site didn’t work with my MF60 - presumably a different model or something similar. If what’s there doesn’t ...

All Fanstatic resources being served with ‘text/html’ mimetype by WebOb/WSGI

If you’re finding that you’re using Fanstatic to serve static resources within your Python-based server process, you may be left scracthing your head if you suddenly find that resources aren’t being served correctly. For me, this was manifesting as an incorrect Content-Type header, always being set to text/html for any type of static file being served. As a side effect, because I’m using Diazo to theme my backend Pyramid application, this was automatically seeing this mimetype being returned to the browser and trying to “theme” the raw files. The global picture looked like a whole ...

Attributes not released to new Shibboleth Service Provider (SP)

Just created a new Shibboleth Service Provider (SP) instance and found an Identity Providers (IdPs) is not releasing attributes to you? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. In fact, the issue is far more common than you think, despite a lack of documentation on the web.

Confirming the problem

Firstly, make sure that your Shibboleth SP configuration is, as best you can tell, correct. Also, make sure that your shibd daemon has been restarted after any configuration changes you’ve made (and your FastCGI shibauthorizer and shibresponder applications too, if you’re using those).

If you’re sure about ...

uWSGI and libxml2 conflicts (aka Installing uWSGI with a custom libxml2)

If you’re using uWSGI with XML support (this is its default), then it will be requiring you to have libxml2 installed — or something similar that provides xml-config. What you’ll find is some erratic behaviour (or complete failure) when attempting to serve an application that is also relying on libxml2, but a different version.

In my case, my original uWSGI was built with CentOS 5’s stock libxml2 library, but my Python application was using lxml, built with a custom version of libxml2 (via Buildout with the z3c.recipe.staticlxml recipe, in case you were curious). Because of these ...

Integrating Nginx and a Shibboleth SP with FastCGI

New location!

The canonical place for this documentation is now the nginx-http-shibboleth custom Nginx module GitHub repository. All updates will be reflected there, and as a result, this page has become severely outdated. Please contribute to that repository!

Original post


With changes in Nginx after version 1.5.4, the auth request module is now built in. This means the following instruction have changed, yet again. For the latest information and build process, always see

tl;dr: You can have Nginx with Shibboleth. Rebuild Shibboleth with FastCGI support, and recompile Nginx with a custom ...

Setting up a Shibboleth SP with FastCGI support

Good news! The Shibboleth SP software features FastCGI authorizer and responder applications for use with your favourite non-Apache and non-IIS web server. Unfortunately, the default distributions don’t come with it built by default. I’m looking into why this is the case, but for now here’s how to rebuild the RPMs yourself.

Note: if you’re just looking to download something that works and don’t want to rebuild things yourself, we have RHEL 6, x86_64 packages available in a Yum repo at You’ll also need to trust my ...