Big news! Some local devs have kicked off DevNQ, the North Queensland Software Development Meetup. It’s an awesome group and it’s totally what I’d envisaged for PyNQ originally. I’ve joined and was one of the first two speakers; it’s already a great group and only getting better. As for PyNQ, maybe a Python sub-group might eventuate. As always, get in touch.

Back in 2013 and 2014, I had grand plans for starting an enthusiasts group in North Queensland dedicated to the Python programming language. It was one of those crazy ideas I tend to get when inspired by the genius that is PyCon AU (like prepping a full-blown talk the night before).

Despite there being quite a few people around using Python, PyNQ never really got off the ground. I remember a lightning talk I did at PyCon AU a few years back with a shameless plug for the ethereal group, which was humorously met with silence.

It might because I’m in a regional area and most of us tend to be more generalists or whether there’s just not enough people in the region at this stage; we might never know. A key thing I noted was that those who were interested were at the beginner or never-used-Python stage. This is a great sign for Python, but I wasn’t setting out to create a training school.

So, the greatest of intentions don’t always work out. I’m happy to say I tried all the same. It was back in 2014 though and the world is changing with Raspberry Pis, microcontrollers and more seeing Python picking up pace and becoming the go-to language for burgeoning programmers.

If you’re a wayward soul who finds their way here one day, I’m still keen to revisit the idea of PyNQ, but I can’t go it alone. If you’re that kind of person who’s passionate about programming, technology and Python, then get in touch, even if it’s just to say hi or grab a coffee.

Until then.

— David Beitey, @davidjb

23 March 2016
Townsville, Queensland, Australia