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Members can’t add folders to Plone via WebDAV (401 Unauthorized)

This is a mirror of the (excellent) documentation at, but just a short editorial to also highlight that this is still very applicable to Plone 4.x. Effectively, the symptom is that users will report seeing a “401 Unauthorized” error when trying to create folders within areas they have access to as an Owner.  Without further ado, the documentation:

Using a WebDAV client on a Plone site, site users are unable to create newfolders directories where they have Owner role.


The WebDAV “make folder” method, MKCOL, requires the “Add Folders” permission. This is …

Apache: Directories and trailing slashes

Apache does something interesting (yes, I still think it’s logical) when you’re accessing a directory that it’s serving: if you access it without a trailing slash, it’ll add one by default. This makes sense if you’re going after some static content or a folder index (or pretty much any sane usage) but it didn’t fit my use case of serving Plone using rewrite rules in a .htaccess file.

The issue that arises for myself with Plone is that my sites need to have their access customised through that .htaccess file and that’s been …