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Python eggs and missing files (like ‘docs’)

This is pretty trivial (and trivial to fix), but I’m chronicling it for my knowledge as much as anyone else’s.  The issue is that a given Python egg is missing some form of files, most commonly the ‘docs’ directory in my experience, because the build wasn’t configured correctly.

The error goes somewhat like this:

Getting distribution for 'my.theme'.
error: docs/HISTORY.txt: No such file or directory
An error occured when trying to install my.theme 1.5.0. Look above this message for any errors that were output by easy_install.

The solution is simple: just …

Plone: SiteManager leftovers; not the good kind


Update: You should check out wildcard.fixpersistentutilities - it’s a fantastic solution to problems like this. Many thanks to Nathan Van Gheem, the author of the add on. Check out the link and see how to install it (temporarily) on your Plone instance that needs its site manager cleaned up.

Leftovers are typically useful when they’re in your fridge at home. They mean you don’t have to mess around making lunch for the next day for work, and can just grab them, and walk right out the door. Now, leftovers in the zope.component SiteManager aren’t …

Virtualenv, Python 2.4, Plone 3.x and Lucid Lynx (Ubuntu 10.04)

These titles of my posts just keep getting longer and longer.  For those of you paying close attention (I know who you are), this is the next in my series of getting the above-mentioned tools working together. Previously, it was Centos 5.x, Jaunty (9.04), Karmic (9.10) and now Lucid (10.04).  Only subtly different, each of this distributions has pretty much called for its own post on the matter of getting a working Plone 3.x / Python 2.4 virtualenv installation going.  So, here goes this time around.

Install Python 2.4 first

If you’ve not …

Things to do on Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx after install

I’m skipping actually quantifying the number of things to do because this post will undoubtedly get updated as time goes on.  I’ve just updated both my computers (personal laptop and work desktop) to Ubuntu 10.04 from 9.10 and I’m very happy with how things have gone. That isn’t to say a few minor things haven’t annoyed me, such as Project Hamster removing its Day view for task management or Python 2.4 being dropped entirely, but overall, it’s gone well. Here’s my thoughts on what you should do as soon as …

Plone/Zope: Utilising zope.testrecorder for unit testing

Writing unit tests (especial doctests) for your Plone product is reasonably time consuming. For us developers, having tested code is absolutely essential. This is especially true when clients are beating down your door looking for a fully functional product and you need to know what you’ve written works and isn’t going to fall over (just yet, anyway). Web apps are able to be tested using a multitude of frameworks, and whilst not the most fully featured (eg lacking Javascript support), Zope’s doctest machinery is right there within your Plone product. In order to write these, enter zope …

David tries Plone 4.0a2 (Part 1)

Plone 4 is approaching!  Excellent!  Lots of new features to play around with and plenty more things to have to fix with the upgrade.  I’ve been keeping tabs on the change log of updates and it’s looking really good. Lots of little, but significant, changes are afoot.  Now, how about actually installing the Alpha 2 version of Plone 4 to see it for real? Let’s do it!

My steps are not going to work on your computer.  I don’t think you’ll be able to follow my words/commands exactly, but here goes anyway about my …