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iMessage and Google Talk not working on macOS High Sierra (10.13)

I recently upgraded my computer to macOS 10.13 and found that my iMessage (in wasn’t working entirely and that Google Talk in the same app would only receive messages and not send.

Starting with the Google Talk issue, that’s an easy one. Apple has removed “official” support for Google Talk from but they’ve clearly left the code in place that allows your old account to login, connect and actually receive messages, but helpfully added a dialog that says “Your message could not be sent. Support for the targeted service Google Talk has …

Creating a macOS Recovery Partition without reinstalling OSX or re-running your installer

Restoring from a Time Machine backup - at least for me - won’t furnish you with a Recovery partition. This is bad news because the only official way of getting a recovery partition is to reinstall macOS. This seems a little counter-intuitive because isn’t the point of backing up your computer so you don’t have to reinstall your OS? Anyway, let’s get to creating your recovery partition without a reinstall or without 3rd party tools. It’s easier than you think!

Note that this process worked for me on macOS Sierra (10.12). I give no warranties that …