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mr.scripty - my new best friend

If you’re working with Buildout, then check out mr.scripty, a fantastic Buildout recipe that allows you to use Python code in functions within its options.  This means that - in the few instances I’ve used it so far - have conditional statements regarding effectively anything.

In the two examples I added to the source documentation, I go and configure download links based upon architecture and separately, configure some (Java) environment variables based upon which directories exist (eg to handle different Linux distributions that might be running). This is only the start, but it’s a fantastic one.

Amazing I …

Buildout: Trying to build Pound

So, trying to build pound through a Buildout recipe was failing part of the way through.

Two problems and their solutions (not necessarily in that order):

  • Needed to install libssl-dev because lcrypto was missing (ambiguity anyone?) - Synaptic says that the package provides “libssl and libcrypto development libraries, header files and manpages” (but never mind a search for `libcrypto`…)
  • Had to correct the relevant user that the recipe was telling pound to build as.

The first point was pretty silly and the second one was just clearly my copy-and-paste mistake.