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Building Cherokee RPMs on RHEL 6 (x86_64)

Cherokee is a fast web server and something I’m looking at using instead of my current Apache installs in order to squeeze a bit (lot) more juice out of my web services.

You can easily install Cherokee via its automated scripting and that’s really useful.  Unfortunately, since I’m within a RedHat environment, init scripts and other useful aspects that come packaged with Apache don’t get installed when installing from source. Now, there’s a lot of activity regarding installing the latest packages for Ubuntu, but not much of anything recent for RHEL (current Cherokee is 1 …

Virtualenv, Plone, and Centos 5.x

EDIT: Watch out for python-ldap 2.3.10, the latest version at time of writing. Seems like there’s an issue with it and Centos 5.4. Forcing python-ldap to be version 2.3.8 works, though. (easy_install python-ldap==2.3.8)

Previously, you might have read about setting up a Virtualenv on Ubuntu Jaunty. Now, that was reasonably painless since python-virtualenv and python-setuptools is in the Ubuntu repo. Whether it’s my Centos servers and their misguided repos or me just not being able to find such a related rpm packages, Centos just needs little more love to get …