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Migrating Plone 2.5 content straight onto Plone 4

It’s my very last Plone 2.5 site and I’m very happy to see the back of it.  Using the joy that is quintagroup.transmogrifier, I was able to, without much manual effort, migrate my content from a Plone 2.5 site (constructed with instancemanager, of all things!) straight into a shiny new Plone 4 site on Buildout.

My only key need was to port the content and structure, and I was happy to make big allowances for the sake of certain content and time.  So, my thoughts here mightn’t (probably won’t!) suit everyone.My requirements …

Plone: SiteManager leftovers; not the good kind


Update: You should check out wildcard.fixpersistentutilities - it’s a fantastic solution to problems like this. Many thanks to Nathan Van Gheem, the author of the add on. Check out the link and see how to install it (temporarily) on your Plone instance that needs its site manager cleaned up.

Leftovers are typically useful when they’re in your fridge at home. They mean you don’t have to mess around making lunch for the next day for work, and can just grab them, and walk right out the door. Now, leftovers in the zope.component SiteManager aren’t …

Wget a Plone site (and make it actually work)

There’s a lot of different resources and posts on the web about how to export a Plone site to static html content, but no methodology would actually solve all of my problems. Now, Plone is inherently a complicated beast, given just how much it does, and that’s definitely putting it lightly. But here goes at my attempt to provide an actual, workable solution.  Word for the wise though, this is for more than just your front-end administrator to handle.  Also, instructions are designed for Ubuntu 9.10.  Mileage may/will vary on other distros or OSes.


  • Needs …

Migrating a Plone site off to another database (Zeo)

Another of the interesting things in my professional life has been migrating a Plone site from one database (where it lived as a dev site, along with many others) onto a nice, clean database of its own.  Now, yes, I’m aware that the export/import feature of Zope isn’t supposed to be used for migrating content or sites.  I am also aware, however, through personal experience, that things have always been fine because I’m using the same eggs and essentially the same installations everywhere, thanks to buildout.

So, the process goes as follows, with the above-mentioned points …