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Travel Hack: Cheapest Australian Airport Transport Options

Australia is an expensive place to travel - well, at least in terms of services attached to airports. For some reason, Australia loves to jack up the prices of everything at an airport like food, drinks and of course transport when trying to get to the airport or escape it. Even though the CBDs of our cities are fairly close to their respective airports (Melbourne is one exception), the privatisation of train links sees the costs stay high.

So how does one break the cycle of having to pay over AUD$18 to get from somewhere like Brisbane Airport to the …

How to buy alcohol at Costco without a membership (in Hawaii)

There’s a variety of anecdotal information online about whether it’s possible to purchase alcohol or liquor from membership-based stores (such as Costco) in the United States if you don’t have a paid membership. Some sites quote federal, state or local liquor licensing laws as to why it isn’t possible for “alcohol clubs” to exist or similarly vague or unreferenced sources.

Having recently travelled to Hawaii, I wanted to test these ‘theories’ out for myself and see whether I could get a good deal for something to take back home as my duty-free allowance.

My research took …

Tips for the USA: Car Rental, Travel, Navigation and SIM Cards

I’ve travelled to the USA a few times over the past years and typically start the trip from California. The United States is a big country with that comes complexity and a lot to learn as a visitor. This short guide covers a few key things that an Australian in the States needs to know. If you’re from another country, it’ll probably help you too but just keep in mind that things are geared to Australians.

All info is correct at the time of writing. Also, it goes without saying that all information is offered without any …