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Virtualenv being ignored by setuptools/Distribute/easy_install

This one couldn’t be simpler, but it’s worth noting all the same.  I’ve just experienced a situation where a virtualenv  was being completely ignored by all tools even though it was absolutely activated via source bin/activate.

The answer was to blow away the lib directory within the virtualenv and blow away the local Python interpreter at bin/python and re-create the virtualenv. After deactivating and re-activating, everything works correctly again.

I guess something in the environment (or env variables) got messed up. Who knows; it works now.

Virtualenv, Python 2.4, Plone 3.x and Lucid Lynx (Ubuntu 10.04)

These titles of my posts just keep getting longer and longer.  For those of you paying close attention (I know who you are), this is the next in my series of getting the above-mentioned tools working together. Previously, it was Centos 5.x, Jaunty (9.04), Karmic (9.10) and now Lucid (10.04).  Only subtly different, each of this distributions has pretty much called for its own post on the matter of getting a working Plone 3.x / Python 2.4 virtualenv installation going.  So, here goes this time around.

Install Python 2.4 first

If you’ve not …

Virtualenv, Plone, and Centos 5.x

EDIT: Watch out for python-ldap 2.3.10, the latest version at time of writing. Seems like there’s an issue with it and Centos 5.4. Forcing python-ldap to be version 2.3.8 works, though. (easy_install python-ldap==2.3.8)

Previously, you might have read about setting up a Virtualenv on Ubuntu Jaunty. Now, that was reasonably painless since python-virtualenv and python-setuptools is in the Ubuntu repo. Whether it’s my Centos servers and their misguided repos or me just not being able to find such a related rpm packages, Centos just needs little more love to get …

Virtualenv, Plone, and Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty

What a complicated situation it is trying to use all of the above-mentioned pieces of software together. In all seriousness, Virtualenv is now appearing to be the best thing since sliced bread for me to help out with making Plone/Zope usable under Jaunty.

By default, as everyone should know by now, a whole bunch of old Python 2.4 packages got removed from Jaunty, throwing us Plone developers into peril.  Well, those of us who hadn’t discovered the joys of virtualenv yet, that is.

Here’s how to convert an existing buildout folder over to Virtualenv without too …