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HTML formatting made easy

There’s a tool for everything somewhere on the web.

Whilst about 99.5% perfect (some indentation issues remain), I’ve found a pretty nice, easy to use, and very feature-rich HTML code formatter. See for the formatter.

It’s something I was looking for a while back but didn’t have so much luck to stumble onto something so useful.  Previously, I was looking for something that would fix up some HTML to XHTML and whilst I’m sure something was out there, the problem was I needed something that would …

Webpage content underneath Flash content

So, you’ve got a website that you’ve made and you’ve used a Flash movie on it.  Okay, no worries.  Now, what if you tried to add a (non-form-element) drop-down menu or some AJAX-ed content into the site, and found the Flash movie actually acted as an overlay?

This problem doesn’t seem consistent.  Different OSs, browsers, and Flash versions don’t indicate consistency - that’s what I’ve seen anyway.  Nevertheless, the problem persists for some users and it’s down-right annoying.

The fix?  Make your Flash code look similar to this:

<object data="my-movie.swf …