Plone: Ploneboard Conversation Editing

I’m back with even more Plone goodness. Turns out Ploneboard has a problem/issue (well, HAD an issue until I went and edited the code on the SVN repository for the Collective of Plone. Read: will not have in the next major release) with redirecting the user after they go and edit a post. So essentially the user ends up getting to a page that says ‘Insufficient privileges’, which is was extremely odd considering I do everything as an admin.

The fix goes a little something like this:

In ploneboard_scripts/comment_redirect_to_conversation change it to be:

# XXX if we ever do batching, we need extra logic here.
redirect_target = context.getConversation()
anchor = context.getId()

response = context.REQUEST.get('RESPONSE', None)
if response is not None:
response.redirect('%s#%s' % (redirect_target.absolute_url(), anchor))
print "Redirecting to %s" % redirect_target.absolute_url()
return printed

Originally, the user was attempted to be sent to some other view that they couldn’t access. Now, they just get sent to the conversation. No tricks, just the conversation.

More Plone on the way!

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