Plone: PloneFormGen Customisations

Another fun problem for me to address today: upgrading to the latest version of Plone (3.1.7 at time of writing) caused my custom PloneFormGen (otherwise known as PFG) view to break in a nasty way:

Module None, line 13, in fgvalidate_base
- <fscontrollervalidator at /site/fgvalidate_base used for /site/registration-form>
- Line 13
Module Products.PloneFormGen.content.form, line 519, in fgvalidate
Module plone.protect.authenticator, line 60, in check
Forbidden: Form authenticator is invalid.

Obviously there’s some new validation code for forms in Plone 3.1+. Thanks to a very simple (and useful!) blog entry: , the solution is to add:

<input tal:replace="structure context/@@authenticator/authenticator" />

somewhere in the form.

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