Setting up a Shibboleth SP with FastCGI support

Good news! The Shibboleth SP software features FastCGI authorizer and responder applications for use with your favourite non-Apache and non-IIS web server. Unfortunately, the default distributions don’t come with it built by default. I’m looking into why this is the case, but for now here’s how to rebuild the RPMs yourself.

Note: if you’re just looking to download something that works and don’t want to rebuild things yourself, we have RHEL 6, x86_64 packages available in a Yum repo at You’ll also need to trust my RPM building skills.

For starters, download the latest Shibboleth SP package and recompile it with FastCGI support. Instructions below are for RHEL 6 or CentOS 6, 64 bit. Feel free to contribute how to rebuild for your platform and where your FastCGI applications live.

  1. Use the Vagrant configuration at to easily spin up a temporary VM to build the packages, or else run the underlying script on a EL 6 machine.

  2. Install the resulting package onto your target machine.

  3. Test the FastCGI applications by running the following:


    They will run and then end immediately. This is normal when running them on the command line and not under FastCGI.

  4. Configure something (Supervisor, spawn-fcgi, or similar) to run both of the above FastCGI applications and start them running. My Supervisor configuration looks like this:

  5. Note the socket_* options above. I went ahead and put the nginx user into the shibd group to allow group access to the given sockets:

    usermod -G shibd -a nginx
    service supervisord restart
    service nginx restart

    If you want, you could configure them to run on a TCP socket instead, but then you’ll need to think about firewall considerations rather than Unix permissions. Fun either way.

  6. Start the FastCGI applications. In the case of using Supervisor, then this is what you should start; it will then automatically start the processes for you as per the above configuration.

  7. Configure your front-end webserver to talk to these FastCGI applications.

If you’re an Nginx user, then you’ll probably be interested in the post that I’ve written about Nginx and Shibboleth.

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