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Integrating Nginx and a Shibboleth SP with FastCGI

New location!

The canonical place for this documentation is now the nginx-http-shibboleth custom Nginx module GitHub repository. All updates will be reflected there, and as a result, this page has become severely outdated. Please contribute to that repository!

Original post


With changes in Nginx after version 1.5.4, the auth request module is now built in. This means the following instruction have changed, yet again.

tl;dr: You can have Nginx with Shibboleth. Rebuild Shibboleth with FastCGI support, and recompile Nginx with a custom module. You can now run the Shibboleth FastCGI authorizer and responder applications and successfully …

Setting up a Shibboleth SP with FastCGI support

Good news! The Shibboleth SP software features FastCGI authorizer and responder applications for use with your favourite non-Apache and non-IIS web server. Unfortunately, the default distributions don’t come with it built by default. I’m looking into why this is the case, but for now here’s how to rebuild the RPMs yourself.

Note: if you’re just looking to download something that works and don’t want to rebuild things yourself, we have RHEL 6, x86_64 packages available in a Yum repo at You’ll also need to trust my …

Shibboleth SP logo.jpg missing from distributions

Have you recently installed the Shibboleth SP software and found that the error pages the software is generating are missing the Shibboleth logo? If so, it’s because those error pages are attempting to display a logo (typically /shibboleth-sp/logo.jpg by default) but the logo of the Griffin that you may have been used to seeing is no longer distributed with the software.

Unfortunately, this change doesn’t appear to be documented (yet), but is highlighted in this discussion:

More or less, the reasoning given is that the Shibboleth …