Shibboleth SP logo.jpg missing from distributions

Have you recently installed the Shibboleth SP software and found that the error pages the software is generating are missing the Shibboleth logo? If so, it’s because those error pages are attempting to display a logo (typically /shibboleth-sp/logo.jpg by default) but the logo of the Griffin that you may have been used to seeing is no longer distributed with the software.

Unfortunately, this change doesn’t appear to be documented (yet), but is highlighted in this discussion:

More or less, the reasoning given is that the Shibboleth project doesn’t want default error pages out there in the wild making the project or technology itself look bad. Fair enough, but my suggestion is to make this clear to users of the SP software so they don’t need to go and hunt down a mailing list post to see why.

At any rate, to make sure your error pages don’t display a nasty broken image, configure your shibboleth2.xml file like so:

    <Errors supportContact=""
            styleSheet="/shibboleth-sp/main.css" />

and make sure that your web server is serving that given location correctly and that said logo file actually exists. Alternatively, you can use a full URL to a logo and stylesheet if you’re so inclined.

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