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Tips for the USA: Car Rental, Travel, Navigation and SIM Cards

I’ve travelled to the USA a few times over the past years and typically start the trip from California. The United States is a big country with that comes complexity and a lot to learn as a visitor. This short guide covers a few key things that an Australian in the States needs to know. If you’re from another country, it’ll probably help you too but just keep in mind that things are geared to Australians.

All info is correct at the time of writing. Also, it goes without saying that all information is offered without any …

A little time out

Taking a little time out from the professional blogging, here’s a page out of my personal side of things.

Things have been very busy as of late and, as the previous sentance suggests, not just with work. Tomorrow’s the day when my and my partner’s house settlement takes place and after all the bumps along the way, we’ve finally gotten there. The bumps were sadly some very unprofessional dealings with my fiancier credit union (who will otherwise remain nameless), an inability of lawyers and conveyancers to add numbers together, and a whole lot of confusion. As …