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Oh Microsoft, we do tire of thy bugs in IE

Yes, it’s another post about Microsoft and its poor implementation of Internet Explorer. This time it’s version 8 and its rendering of lists, and in specific, links within list items. Most humorously, Microsoft’s own documentation (separate issue; about rounded corners) gave me a laugh when it said:

“Microsoft is committed to providing a browser that accurately supports Web standards.”

Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve given up waiting for the day that IE actually supports anything correctly.

So, the issue I found was that with a <ul> with a number of <li> tags inside wouldn …

CSS: Internet Explorer and Self-Imposed Limitations (+ Plone)

Microsoft and IE are insane.  Yes, we all knew this, but here’s the proof:

IE won't accept more than 30 style sheets to be loaded via <style> tags within a single page.

Insanity?  Yes.  It’s made even worse by the fact they openly admit this lunacy!  See the relevant support article from MS as proof.

Good gosh.  I can just imagine the staff (managers, probably) from Microsoft thinking “30 style sheets?  Who needs more than 30 style sheets?  Just kill off anything after that and those sites that use that many can BURN.”

I mean, really, who does …

HTML formatting made easy

There’s a tool for everything somewhere on the web.

Whilst about 99.5% perfect (some indentation issues remain), I’ve found a pretty nice, easy to use, and very feature-rich HTML code formatter. See for the formatter.

It’s something I was looking for a while back but didn’t have so much luck to stumble onto something so useful.  Previously, I was looking for something that would fix up some HTML to XHTML and whilst I’m sure something was out there, the problem was I needed something that would …

Webpage content underneath Flash content

So, you’ve got a website that you’ve made and you’ve used a Flash movie on it.  Okay, no worries.  Now, what if you tried to add a (non-form-element) drop-down menu or some AJAX-ed content into the site, and found the Flash movie actually acted as an overlay?

This problem doesn’t seem consistent.  Different OSs, browsers, and Flash versions don’t indicate consistency - that’s what I’ve seen anyway.  Nevertheless, the problem persists for some users and it’s down-right annoying.

The fix?  Make your Flash code look similar to this:

<object data="my-movie.swf …