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Deliveroo watches you while you eat

tl;dr Deliveroo sends your browser movie titles with food puns as it tracks your activity.

The online food ordering platform Deliveroo, like many (most?) online platforms, monitors you as you interact with their website. It’s not really a secret that behavioural analytics (or “big data analytics”) get gathered from our time online, but is rather what we’ve come to expect of online companies who seek to extract, leverage and monetise the data generated from our interactions with their services.

It won’t surprise anyone to know that Amazon actively uses customer behaviours in real-time to affect the …

Deliver me from … Deliverance?

Always one for being on and beyond the bleeding edge of new technology, I’ve (with the help of colleagues) been setting up a new technology for applying themes to web sites.  In particular, I’m applying Deliverance to Plone and whilst I’m not the first one to venture out into the wilderness this way, I’ve got to be thinking that I could be one of the few people documenting their experience.  Ah, but where to begin?

The proxy

Ah yes, the proxy.  Deliverance is very kind to us in that it operates it’s own proxy.  This …